What are the advantages of collaboration?

The benefits of collaboration can move in multiple directions.

From a community perspective, collaboration can support new and differentiated access to cultural heritage materials, and can help create new ways of negotiating access and responsible sharing of important heritage material. It can open new options for labeling and for asserting the correct and culturally appropriate authorities of this material. It can also open new options for future work that is in dialogue with community needs.

From an institutional perspective, collaboration opens a critical and integral dialogue with the primary cultural custodians, knowledge holders and owners of the cultural heritage that exists within your institution. With the reality that the majority of collections were obtained under questionable colonial relationships of power and maintained under conditions of exclusion, there is an obligation on behalf of institutions to create new collaborative options and frameworks for the future. The TK Labels offer options for the development of collaborative and generative relationships that can facilitate new paradigms of curation that acknowledge the correct cultural authorities of this material.