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RFP: Creating a Marketing Strategy and Plan for Launching Hub Subscriptions

Part-Time | Remote

We seek to develop a marketing strategy to launch our new Local Contexts Hub subscriptions feature.

About Local Contexts

Local Contexts (localcontexs.org) is a non-profit organization with the goal to create a multi-generational resource that supports Indigenous data sovereignty. To realize this goal, we must be able to support our operations through regular recurring revenue rather than our current model which is supported through grant funding. Our business model is based on mutual trust and respect, and acknowledges power imbalances between Indigenous communities and institutions and organizations that hold Indigenous cultural and other heritage, genetic resources, and knowledge.

Project Background

We are a new organization with dedicated staff but limited marketing expertise. We seek a partner to help us develop a marketing strategy and through doing so help us develop our marketing capabilities.


This is a fast-paced project, as we are in the midst of launching subscriptions functionality and have specific targets for the year we need to reach. This marketing plan will help us develop our strategy for reaching these goals as well as measuring our progress.

  • Must Have: A strategy and documented plan for launching Hub subscriptions outlining top goals, key audiences and messages, channels (focused on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, email, etc.), timelines, and KPIs.
  • Nice to Have: A strategy document and documented plan for launching service partners and memberships outlining top goals, key audiences and messages, channels, calendars, KPIs, and integration with Salesforce campaigns.
  • Not in Scope: Platform subscriptions, branding, graphics.


We have budgeted US$25K for this work.

RFP timeline

We are seeking responses by 31 January 2024.

Project timeline

We would like to start the project by 15 February 2024 and complete the project no later than 30 March 2024, with regular meetings and intermediate deliverables.

Submission requirements

Proposals should be submitted using this Google Form. We will be monitoring submissions daily and will answer any questions within 1 working day.

Evaluation criteria

Because this is a fast-paced project, we are seeking a collaboration partner with deep marketing experience with non-profits and subscription models, channel experience with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media, as well as experience working with research and/or museum communities. We prefer awareness of Indigenous sovereignty policy and retributive justice frameworks. We are requesting references and examples of prior work.


Please send questions to info@localcontexts.org. If needed, we will develop an RFP FAQ and post it here.