TK Notice

The TK Notice is a proposed digital identifier (mark/symbol) that offers a new option for the identification and recognition of Traditional Knowledge (TK). As a symbol with specific rules of use, it can function as an automatic digital tag that can be attached to information and data that comes from or includes TK. When TK material with an attached TK Notice is added into databases or other digital repositories, there is a visible notification that there is accompanying cultural rights and responsibilities that need further attention for any future sharing and use of this material.

The TK Notice is intended to be a collective notice and an initiative to elevate recognition of the cultural significance, importance and often placed-based nature of TK. In this sense, the TK Notice is identifying the unique nature of material.

The TK Notice is different from the TK Labels. The TK Notice is a singular notification with rules of use. It is not adaptable, unlike the TK Labels. It seeks to address a misperception that all knowledge arises out of, or comes from, a universal and collective ‘commons’. The TK Notice can be applied as a general stand-alone notice or it can indicate that TK Labels are in development and their implementation is being negotiated.

The TK Notice is under collaborative development.