The first Biocultural Labels and Notices have been applied to an open biodiversity database using the Local Contexts Hub.

Manaaki Whenua is a research institute in Aotearoa New Zealand. Information about the collections housed at Manaaki Whenua can be found through its Systematics Collections Data website. Within the database, specimens can be filtered by the rohe/territory where it was collected, and also seen on a map.

So far, Te Whakatōhea has added their BC Provenance, BC Research Use, BC Open to Collaborate, and BC Open to Commercialization Labels to the 1,166 specimens collected from their rohe, and Ngāti Maru (Taranaki) has added their BC Provenance and BC Consent Verified Labels to the 860 specimens collected from their rohe.

In addition, Biocultural (BC) Notices were added to every record in the collections database — over 665,000 specimens! — using the Local Contexts Hub and API.

Click here to see an example record with Labels and Notices.