What are the Notices?

The Notices are tools for institutions and researchers to identify Indigenous collections and data and recognize Indigenous rights and interests. The Notices were developed to create pathways for partnership, collaboration, and support of Indigenous cultural authority. 

Notices can be applied to websites, publications, datasets, museum exhibitions, items in a collection, genetic samples, and more. Institutions and researchers can generate Notices using the Local Contexts Hub.

There are three categories of Notices: Engagement, Disclosure, and Collections Care Notices. See below for more information on the different types of Notices.

Engagement Notice

The Engagement Notice is used to indicate a researcher or institution is committed to equitable engagement and ethical partnerships with Indigenous communities.

Disclosure Notices

The Disclosure Notices are used to identify Indigenous collections and data and to recognize there could be accompanying cultural rights, protocols, and responsibilities.

Collections Care Notices

The Collections Care Notices are used to recognize the cultural protocols that govern the care, display, and access to cultural materials.

What is the purpose of Local Contexts Notices?

Local Contexts Notices allow institutions and researchers to engage, acknowledge, and make visible Indigenous interests in collections, information, and data. Communities may then choose how and when to add their Labels.

The text for the Notices cannot be changed. An optional Notice use statement can be applied for publication or additional information including contact information.

Using the Notices

The Notices were developed to make visible existing Indigenous rights and interests that derive from research contexts and to be applicable in any institution or repository. Increasingly publishers are supporting greater transparency and integrity in research, and the Notices help do this.

To know how to apply the Notices, please review the Notices Usage Guides, review other Notices in use, or contact us.

Notices in Use