Local Contexts Hub Service Schedule

About Hub Maintenance

Sometimes the Local Contexts Hub or the test site will go into Maintenance Mode. If you try to access either of these sites and you see an error page with a code of 503: Service Unavailable, it means is that our developers are working hard to fix known issues, update the functionality or look and feel of the Hub.

Below are some known maintenance dates. Please note that the dates and times are in the US Pacific Time timezone. Most maintenance is scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Local Contexts Hub — Test / Sandbox Site

  • TBD

Local Contexts Hub — Main Site

  • September 12 PST: An extensive system update that took a few days to complete where the Hub and Hub API were unavailable. Hub users were emailed when the Hub was back online.

View our Changelog for details on updates throughout the year.

Maintenance FAQs

Q: Will there be dates outside of the above where the site will be unavailable?

Yes, sometimes certain errors on the site will need to be fixed as soon as possible in which case the site will go into maintenance mode to get it fixed fast.

Q: How long does maintenance typically take?

Maintenance usually lasts around 15-20 minutes, but depending on the size of the update or how long it makes to fix something, it can also last for over an hour. We try to limit the amount of time the Hub is in Maintenance Mode to ensure minimal interruption to your workflow.