Aotearoa Summit 2023

The second Local Contexts Summit will be held November 28 in Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Aotearoa (Wellington, New Zealand).

The Summit will bring together people from across the Local Contexts community with a focus on Indigenous authority, control, and governance in the archive and sciences.

Local Contexts Summit

Community representatives will share about implementation of the Labels in their community context as well as how they see the potential of the Labels. Institutions working with the Notices will discuss changing workflows and developing new relationships with communities. We are planning on including important implementation examples for the techies amongst us.

Following the Summit will be the premiere of a new film by Local Contexts and the Whakatōhea Nation. Following the screening, there will be a panel with the filmmakers and a light reception.

More information about the film premiere coming soon.

We hope that you can join this exciting event and to continue building the international Local Contexts community.


Additional details coming soon


Additional details coming soon