Labels in Use: Elsie Paul

Traditional Knowledge (TK) and Biocultural (BC) Labels are customized by Indigenous communities to give specificity and context, and suit their needs. Label customization is an expression of sovereign decision-making. We’ll be sharing how some communities have customized their Labels with examples that are public or with the community’s permission.

Elsie Paul, author of As I Remember It: Teachings (Ɂəms tɑɁɑw) from the Life of a Sliammon Elder, utilizes the TK Labels throughout her website for this publication to “share with readers information from a ɬaʔamɩn perspective on the ownership, copyright, and fair use practices for the materials in this book. These labels help readers engage with this book in a manner that is respectful of the rights, governance, and cultural practices of the community.” 

There are four TK Labels that have been applied to the entire website and publication. Titled in the Sliammon language, they are ʔətᶿ naʔ (TK Attribution), xʷaʔ čxʷ xʷaǰišɛxʷ (TK Non-Commercial), tiʔiwš (TK Outreach), and ʔəms naʔ (TK Culturally Sensitive). 

To read each customized Label and learn more, visit the website for this publication here.