CI Notices

Attribution Incomplete

Why Use This Notice?

The Attribution Incomplete Notice is attached to a collection or at an item level where there is incomplete, inaccurate, or missing attribution. This Notice indicates to the public that the record and/or metadata is incomplete. Visibly identifying missing attribution within collections is the first step towards correcting existing attribution to include: contributors, collaborators, other authors and/or communities of origin.

Notice Text

Collections and items in our institution have incomplete, inaccurate, and/or missing attribution. We are using this notice to clearly identify this material so that it can be updated, or corrected by communities of origin. Our institution is committed to collaboration and partnerships to address this problem of incorrect or missing attribution.

How To Apply The Attribution Incomplete Notice

The Attribution Incomplete Notice can be added at an item or collection level. It identifies materials where full ethical and cultural names and meanings can be corrected and updated through collaboration and engagement with the people and communities who hold this information.

Download the CI Notices Implementation Packet