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The Local Contexts Hub is a web portal that allows Indigenous communities to customize the Local Contexts Traditional Knowledge and Biocultural Labels, and institutions and researchers to generate Local Contexts Notices.

The Local Contexts team appreciates user questions and feedback as we continue to develop the Hub into a useful tool! Please get in touch with us by emailing

February 2023 Updates

Major Update

On February 1, 2023 (US Pacific Time), the Local Contexts Hub received a major update to the Project workflow. Read the latest post on the changes here. If you encounter any issues, please let us know at

Important Changes

  • Contributing communities can only apply Labels to a Project if they are notified of it first.
  • Public Projects have a “View As” card, where only contributors can view the Project action page as one of their contributing accounts and a public view.
  • Added and updated in various locations around the hub the Privacy Policy link and disclaimers:
    • Added privacy policy link to the registration page.
    • Added disclaimers to account creation: institution, community.
    • Added disclaimers to settings in profile and all accounts, as well as create-profile and Project comments.
    • Added a tooltip with a disclaimer to the customize Label page next to the Label text.
    • Content updates to apply Labels tooltip and adding disclaimer to join request popups

Other Changes

  • Styled email templates for all outgoing emails.
  • Notify Communities popup content update.
  • Project action page misc content updates.
  • Content update for different Contributor Views
  • Copyright in footer set to dynamically change every year without having to manually change it.
  • Adjusted the footer: it would jump up the page when there wasn’t enough content to fill the page, will now stay on the bottom regardless of content.

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January 2023 Updates

Important Changes

  • Add placeholder content to account public pages in place of the Contact Us button — for unauthenticated users, it will say Login to contact and for members of accounts, it will say You are a member of this account.
  • Link communities to public account pages in project action when a project has Labels, meaning when a Label is applied to a Project by a community the shared by {community name} is now a link to the public account page for those communities.
  • Adding a Project message now creates an action notification to the relevant accounts.
  • The content for the Project message notification was updated from the generic ‘Project has a new message’, which now includes a truncated title of the Project.
  • Added Project creator name to “creator” in Project Actions so it now displays Created — Creator Name | Account.
  • Added names to the Project activity of who did the action.
  • Hyperlinked contributors and notified communities to public pages on the Project Action page.
  • Added members’ emails to members’ cards that only admins can see.
  • Make non-community-created Projects, where the community has added a Label, appear on the community public page.
  • Set up backend to delete instances of project archive on project deletion.
  • Adjust public project view to exclude actions besides Share and Download.

Other Changes

  • Misc content and UI updates for the Project Actions page and Community Notes.
  • Project activity was not working right for Labels being added and removed.
  • Member request cards and member invites now have the user’s email visible to only admins of an account.
  • Project messages: changed to Project comments.
  •  Change discoverable to contributor view in places where it wasn’t changed yet.
  • Adjust Project activity when Labels have already been applied to not display ‘Notices have been removed’ as more Labels are added/removed.
  • Added terms and conditions to the registration page.

Bug Fixes

  • Welcome to the Hub email had a login URL that was not working properly.
  • Project comments were not showing up on the Project Action page for communities.
  • In the contributor view of a Project, the Download and Share buttons were not displaying, this has been fixed.

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