Meet the Local Contexts Team

Dr. Haydn Read

Headshot of Hadyn Read

Dr. Haydn Read

Community Councilor

Dr. Haydn Read found a way to live his best life… as Te Hēteri for Te Whānau a Apanui. He supports his friends to understand the challenges ahead, as a specialist practitioner in systems thinking and action – a way forward to tackle them. And, from time to time, others who need similar support. Currently this includes Chief District Court Judge and the team at Te Whare o Ngā Kaihautū Waka o te Kōti-ā-Rohe o Aotearoa.

He has been a Senior Executive in the Private and Public Sectors for nearly 30 years, in Aotearoa New Zealand and internationally.

His passion lies in unpacking complex problems and helping others find solutions to the most difficult and intractable ones, some refer to as ‘wicked’ – especially those impacting on the most vulnerable in our communities. He has a skill in big data, digital twins and smart cities to support big data analytics and evidence-based decision-making to support those endeavours.

His vision is a simple one…. every person in Aotearoa New Zealand should be afforded the same opportunities as the next. Something we need to rediscover as a nation of people who could be first amongst all equals to achieve this aspiration.

He has a Master’s of Science from Auckland University, an MBA in International Business and Finance from Melbourne, and a doctorate more recently is from Victoria University’s School of Government in Wellington. He has also recently been appointed as a Visiting Scholar (remote) to The Institute of Fiscal Studies and Democracy (IFSD) at the University of Ottawa in Canada – as part of a team that provides independent financial and infrastructure advice to the Canadian government.

But mostly, he is a farmer from Nukuhou……