Awasəwehlαwə́lətinα wikəwαmok | They Returned Home

May 10, 2023

This film by the Penobscot Nation and Local Contexts charts the groundbreaking work undertaken by the Penobscot Nation to restore Penobscot cultural authority within institutions in Maine and beyond.


Film by Andreas Burgess & Jane Anderson
in collaboration with James Francis, Jennifer Neptune & Darren Ranco

Music by Laura Ortman (White Mountain Apache)

Audio Post-Production by Kayla Elrod

Penobscot Language Advisor Gabe Paul

Aerial Photography by James Francis

Illustrations by James Francis

Special Thanks

Maui Hudson
Kim Christen
Janette Hamilton-Pearce
Corrie Roe
Felicia Garcia
Vanessa Smith

Diana Lovette
Ashley Rojas
Renee Waiwiri
John Moore
Gretchen Faulkner
Sky Heller

Andrea Geyer
Emily Johnson
Courtney Botfield
Sadia Shepard
Purcell Carson
Hope Hall

Rights and Permissions

TK Attribution (TK A) – Nətawə́lənəmən

This label is being used to correct the historical exclusion of Penobscot community voice from attribution and/or ownership within archives, libraries and museums. The name of this Label Nətawə́lənəmən means to do it right, fix it correctly, arrange it right, properly. Penobscot voice and perspective adds important historical and cultural context that adds greater understanding of these materials. As a user please include the correct attribution for future use of this material. This may include Penobscot individual names, it may include ‘Penobscot’ as the cultural name and/or Penobscot Nation as the tribal designation. For further advice on attribution contact the Department of Cultural and Historical Preservation:

TK Outreach (TK O) – Nənisαpetámənena

Nənisαpetámənena (we share it). We are deliberately sharing this material to build mutually enriching current and future relationships with educators, researchers, institutions or anyone interested in Penobscot narratives. The Penobscot Nation is to be engaged as a present day community that maintains cultural authority over this material. Our hope is that the education and dissemination of Penobscot history and culture will lead to more respectful understandings of Penobscot dignity, rights and unique worldview.

TK Non-Commercial (TK NC)

Local Contexts Project: Awasəwehlαwə́lətinα wikəwαmok – They Returned Home

Copyright Penobscot Nation and Local Contexts, 2023

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