Local Contexts

October 4, 2021

Local Contexts was founded by Jane Anderson and Kim Christen in 2010. The primary objectives of Local Contexts are to enhance and legitimize locally based decision-making and Indigenous governance frameworks for determining ownership, access, and culturally appropriate conditions for sharing historical, contemporary and future collections of cultural heritage and Indigenous data. Local Contexts is focused on increasing Indigenous involvement in data governance through the integration of Indigenous values into data systems. Local Contexts offers digital strategies for Indigenous communities, cultural institutions and researchers through the TK (Traditional Knowledge) & BC (Biocultural) Labels and Notices. Together they function as a practical mechanism to advance aspirations for Indigenous data sovereignty and Indigenous innovation.


Local Contexts Co-Directors:
Jane Anderson (New York University)
Kim Christen (Washington State University)
James Francis (Penobscot)
Māui Hudson (Whakatо̄hea)

Filmed and Edited by Andreas Burgess
Additional Photography Steve Fisher
Audio Mix by Lidia Tamplenizza

Music by Laura Ortman
“Rapid Lands” | “Shattemus Barge” | “Take Me to the River, Rainbows Every Day” | “Opening Ceremony”
And from her score for the film “Gringo Trails” by Pegi Vail and Melvin Estrella (2013):
“My Like Was Saved” | “Teeths” | “Fredo I Will Remember You” | “Salt Whites”

“Pomka Athusossuwiye” sung by Noel Josephs, 1890

TK Attribution (TK A)
TK Outreach (TK O)
TK Non-Commercial (TK NC)

“Pomka Athusossuwiye” sung by Dwayne Tomah, 2021

TK Attribution (TK A)
TK Outreach (TK O)
TK Non-Commercial (TK NC)

“Te Tapu o Muriwai” Whakatо̄hea ngeri (chant)


Penobscot Nation
Whakatо̄hea Māori Trust Board
Te Ihi Kā Roa Digitech Team
The Moana Project
Passamaquoddy People’s Web Portal
Sq’ewlets Virtual Museum
Oma Traditional Textile Design Database
Ravenspace Publishing
GEOME Metadata Database
The Library of Congress

American Folklife Center
Denver Museum of Natural History
The National Museum of the American Indian
Yale Art Museum
The American Museum of Natural History
American Philosphical Society
New York State Museum
Te Karere
The Field Museum

Special Thanks

Te Kahautu Maxwell
Andrea Geyer
Miriam Barbarich
John Moore
Jacob Golan
Danny Paruru
Bryan Hoffa
Rangimarie Biddle
Courtney Papuni
Elizabeth Peterson

Nicole Saylor
Renee Waiwiri
Corrie Roe
Felicia Garcia
Allison Spangler
Shannon Martin
Gwen Saul
Erica Tomah
Emily Johnson
Sadia Shepard

Stephanie Russo Carroll
Purcell Carson
Stephanie Batten Bland
Michael Wynne
Alex Merrill
Steve Taylor
John Deck
Libby Liggins
Niki Hunt
Diana Lovette


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Dedicated to the memories of
Molly Neptune Parker (1939-2020)
Wayne Newell (1942-2021)