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Creative Commons webinar: “Whose Open Culture?”

On January 17, members of the Local Contexts leadership team will be a part of “Whose Open Culture? Decolonization, Indigenization, and Restitution,” a webinar from Creative Commons’ Open Culture Program.

There is growing awareness in the open culture movement about issues related to the acquisition, preservation, access, and reuse of cultural heritage of Indigenous people, heritage wrongfully acquired during colonization, and culturally-sensitive heritage, its restitution and repatriation. These questions might include: 

  • Who decides what can be digitized and/or made openly available online, and under which conditions? 
  • Who has control and who can make governance decisions over their contents? 
  • How are the consultation and decision-making processes designed and implemented and by whom? 
  • How can institutions communicate permitted uses to users (including but mostly going beyond CC licenses or tools)? 
  • When is restitution the answer?
  • How do we share ethically, responsibility, and with respect and sensitivity? 
  • Who should be entitled to answer those questions and take action? 

In this webinar, invited experts will discuss the many complex considerations around such heritage and explore some of the different approaches to respectful, sensitive, responsible, and ethical — in sum, better sharing. 

Register to attend the webinar and find out more on the Creative Commons website.