Labels in Use: Oriana TV

The Traditional Knowledge (TK) Labels were recently applied in a film project produced by Aotearoa (New Zealand)-based television platform, Oriana TV, “E Reo Noku – My Language.” This project was developed with the goal of sharing the unique stories, history, culture and languages of 10 islands within the Cook Islands. 

Presenters and community representatives were filmed in Porirua, Wellington, Aotearoa earlier this year. This project is meant to serve as a resource for future generations to learn about the language, culture, and traditional knowledge from their communities. 

Representatives from each of the communities selected the TK Labels that have been applied in the films. Labels appear both onscreen during the videos as well as in the credits to communicate information about attribution, access, and usage rights for the films. 

Click here to learn more about the project and watch Season 1 of “E Reo Noku.”