Notices in Use: Wellcome Collection

The Wellcome Collection, a London, UK, museum focused on health and human experience, has applied the Attribution Incomplete and Open to Collaborate Notices.

On their website, the Wellcome writes:

“We know that there are items in the collections [we hold] that may be of particular value and importance to Indigenous, First Nations, Native American, Aboriginal and other marginalised local communities who have been excluded and written out of the record through colonial processes of documentation and record-keeping. …

We are using the Local Contexts’ ‘Open to Collaborate’ notice as a first step towards building relationships of trust and collaboration with Indigenous communities. This work also contributes towards our broader efforts to address the colonial roots of our collections and to create sustainable, equitable partnerships with stakeholder communities.”

The Wellcome Collection is a partner in Indigenous Knowledges, a 12-month initiative that aims to develop a reciprocal and consultative model for sensitized and mindful access to Indigenous materials in non-Indigenous collections.

Read more about this work at the Wellcome Collection in their blog post or see the notices in use here.