Notices in Use: OpenTEK

The four Local Contexts Notices — Traditional Knowledge, Biocultural, Attribution Incomplete, and Open to Collaborate — have been applied to the OpenTEK platform.

OpenTEK is a web-based, open source citizen science platform allowing anyone to contribute information on local indicators of climate change impacts. Core to this work are the CARE principles and support of data sovereignty.

On the project’s about page, their use of the Notices is explained:

“The data in OpenTEK is a mix of Indigenous and local observations and scientific interpretations of these. We recognize that this information might be subject to specific data protection rights and should be managed following the CARE principles of Indigenous data governance. In this line, we have decided to place the following (Local Contexts) notices here to support the recognition of Indigenous interests and that will function as place-holders on OpenTEK data until TK or a BC Labels are added by the community to individual entries.”