Project View Updates

The Local Contexts Hub received a major update on Wednesday, February 1, 2023 (US Pacific Time). The latest version of the Hub introduces new features and Project workflow, in addition to improved general functionality and bug fixes.

Highlights from this update include:

Simplified Projects list

The information shown on your list of Projects has been simplified and Project actions moved to the Project view.

  • Clicking on the Project title will bring you to the updated Project view which has full Project details and actions. 
  • You can also access quick actions for each Project from a new drop-down menu.
Screenshot of the Projects tab in the Local Contexts Hub. In the Project list is “My First Project.” The Project’s quick actions menu is open, showing the options to “edit Project” and “download.”
Projects List

Updated Project view

The Project view has a new appearance, actions, and record of Project activity. 

Project actions are now available from this page:

  • Edit Project: The creator of the Project can update the Project information.
  • Apply Labels: Community members can apply their community’s Labels to the Project.
  • Notify Communities: Institution members and researchers can notify communities about the Project.
  • Share: Copies the link to public Projects so the link can be shared with others.
  • Download: Download a zip file with an overview pdf, attached Notices or Labels, and a usage guide.
  • Archive: The creator of the Project can archive the project for their account. Archived Projects will only show under the “Archived” filter in your Project list. 
  • Delete: The creator of the Project can delete the Project if there are no Labels applied.

Previously, buttons to edit, apply Labels, and notify communities were on the Projects tab. The Share, Download, Archive, and Delete actions are new with this update.

Project comments(previously shown on the Project tab) are now available on the Project view. 

  • All comments(including messages sent when notifying communities) are now visible to all contributors and notified communities.

The new Project activity section shows a record of activity around a Project and when it happened. Recorded activities include:

  • When a Project is created and by who
  • When a Notice is applied or removed and by who
  • When a Label is applied or removed and by who
  • When a community is notified and by who

If communities are notified about a Project, the Communities Notified section shows which communities have been notified and the status of their decision about the Project.

Communities notified about a Project can select their Project status on the Project view (previously shown on the Project tab).

Screenshot of an institution or researcher view of a Project in the Local Contexts Hub. The page showing “My First Project” is divided into sections: Basic Project information, Project details, Project Notices, Project comments, and Project activity. On the right of the page is an Actions menu with the options to edit Project, notify communities, share, download, archive, and delete. Below the Actions menu is a section Communities Notified.
Institution/Researcher Project View
Community Project View

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The Local Contexts Hub is a web portal that allows Indigenous communities to customize the Local Contexts Traditional Knowledge and Biocultural Labels, and institutions and researchers to generate Local Contexts Notices. For more about Local Contexts and the Hub, visit our Blog.