Project Sharing and New Notices

The Local Contexts Hub will receive a major update on August 17, 2023 (US Pacific Time). The latest version of the Hub introduces the Projects Board, Collections Care Notices, Notice translations, and new ways to share a Project.

Highlights from this update include:

Projects Board

This Projects Board is a page where you can browse all public Projects created on the Local Contexts Hub. The Projects Board can be viewed by anyone on or off the Hub.

Screenshot of the Local Contexts Projects Board showing a table with sample projects
Browse all public Projects on the Projects Board

The Projects Board has a search bar and can be filtered to show only Projects with Labels or Projects with Notices.

Public Projects are still visible in account pages in the Registry and by sharing the Project URL.

Collections Care Notices

The Collections Care (CC) Notices are a new set of Notices to support proper cultural care and stewardship of collections led and guided by Indigenous protocols and authority. Developed in collaboration with the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian, the CC Notices help to govern the care, display, and access to cultural materials in collections spaces.

Screenshot of the Collections Care Notices in the Local Contexts Hub.
The Collections Care Notices are now available in Hub institution accounts.

The CC Notices can be downloaded on the Notices page of institution accounts. To use the CC Notices, you do not need to create a Project but will download a zip file with the image and text files. You have the option to upload or add a link to a collections care policy, if you have one you can share.

Notice translations

Additional translations of the Traditional Knowledge, Biocultural, and Attribution Incomplete Notices are now built into the Hub. Māori, French, and Spanish translations can be selected when a researcher or institution account creates a Project. 

Screenshot of Project Notice selection. The TK Notice and Māori translation are selected, showing the English and Māori text for the Notice
Notices in Māori, French, and Spanish are now built into the Hub

These translations will appear on the Project page and in the API, and can be added for existing Projects.

Translations are ongoing work for all our materials. If you are interested in translating the Notices or Labels into another language to share with others, please contact us at

New ways to share a Project

Sharing a Local Contexts Project is even easier with new social media sharing buttons and copy buttons.

Screenshot showing the Share Project modal, which has buttons to copy the ID or URL and buttons to share to email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
Share a Project by copying the Project ID, URL, or sharing to another platform.

On a Project page, click on Share in the Actions menu to copy the Project ID and Project URL, and click to share to email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Copy buttons have also been added to the Project ID and Project URL in the Projects details section.

Projects that are set to Private cannot be shared.

The Hub receives regular updates, and the Local Contexts team appreciates your questions and feedback as we continue to develop the Hub into a useful tool. Please get in touch with us by emailing

The Local Contexts Hub is a web portal that allows Indigenous communities to customize the Local Contexts Traditional Knowledge and Biocultural Labels, and institutions and researchers to generate Local Contexts Notices. For more about Local Contexts and the Hub, visit our Blog.