TK Label in use: Passamaquoddy

The Passamaquoddy Tribe utilizes Traditional Knowledge (TK) Labels on their Passamaquoddy Peoples’ Knowledge Portal website to connect their community to their cultural heritage, and to help others understand culturally appropriate future use.

There are three customized TK Labels currently used on the Passamaquoddy website: Elihtasik – How it is done (TK Attribution), Ekehkimkewey – Educational (TK Outreach), and Ma yut monuwasiw – This is not sold (TK Non-Commercial). These three Labels are applied to Esunomawotultine, a trading dance/song, on the Passamaquoddy Peoples’ Knowledge Portal.

As an example of a customized Label, the text accompanying Elihtasik – How it is done (TK Attribution):

When using anything that has this Label, please use the correct attribution. This may include individual Passamaquoddy names, it may include Passamaquoddy as the correct cultural affiliation or it may include Passamaquoddy Tribe as the tribal designation.

To read each customized Label and learn more, visit the Passamaquoddy website.

These Labels have also been applied by the Passamaquoddy Tribe to the 1890 Passamaquoddy wax cylinder recordings in the Library of Congress. The Labels are applied on the Library of Congress online catalog entry for one of these recordings, which includes Mihqelsuwakonutomon, a song of remembrance, and Esunomawotultine, a trading dance/song.

To learn more about this work, watch the introductory video about Local Contexts.