Notices in Use

Text and screenshot on decorative red background. “Notices in use. European Reference Genome Atlas.” Screenshot showing the European Reference Genome Atlas website, “A Genome Atlas of European Biodiversity,” with the Open to Collaborate Notice. The icon is a black square with two hands reaching towards each other over a box.

Notices in use: ERGA

Mar 8, 2023
The European Reference Genome Atlas (ERGA) has applied an Open to Collaborate Notice. ERGA, the pan-European partner of the Earth BioGenome Project, is an international consortium

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Left: Text and screenshot on decorative red background. “Notices in use.” Below the title is a screenshot of the Fortepan website showing the TK and Attribution Incomplete Notice icons in the information about a sepia photograph. Right: Text and screenshot on decorative red background. A screenshot of the Local Contexts Hub showing the Fortepan project, Tama County, IA photos circa 1930. There are some links to the Fortepan site and the TK and Attribution Incomplete Notices icons. Text below: “Project on the Local Contexts Hub.”

Notices in use:

Feb 1, 2023 has applied Local Contexts Notices in its digital photograph archive. is an open source archival platform presenting an alternative public history based on snapshots

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On a decorative red background, text: “Notices in use. OpenTEK.” Below, a screenshot showing a map of the world with colored dots. At the bottom, the Local Contexts logo, a ring made of dots.

Notices in Use: OpenTEK

Jul 20, 2022
The four Local Contexts Notices — Traditional Knowledge, Biocultural, Attribution Incomplete, and Open to Collaborate — have been applied to the OpenTEK platform. OpenTEK is a

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