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BC Labels

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BC Non-Commercial (BC NC)

Why Use This Label?

This Label should be used when you would like to let external users who have access to your biocultural data know that it should only be used in non-commercial ways. You are asking users to be respectful with your data and ask that it not be used to derive economic benefits or used in any way that makes it into a commodity for sale or purchase.

BC Label Template Text

This Label is being used to indicate that these biocultural materials and/or data have been designated as being available for non-commercial use. You are allowed to use this material for non-commercial purposes including for research, study, or public presentation and/or online in blogs or non-commercial websites. This Label asks you to think and act with respect and responsibility towards this data and the original custodians.


BC Umanga-Kore (BC NC)

He aha tēnei Tohu BC e whakamahia ai e koe?

Me whakamahi tēnei tohu hei whakamōhio atu i te hunga whakamahi nō waho kē e whai wāhi ana ki ō raraunga ahurea, e kore tēnei rawa e whakaaetia kia whakamahia ā-umangatia.  Ko tāna, he āki i ngā kaiwhakamahi kia tika te tautiaki i ō raraunga, he whakahau anō hoki, kia kaua rawa tēnei taonga e whakapakihitia hei mea hokohoko kau.    

He Kupu Tauira mō ngā TOHU BC

He whakamārama atu tā tēnei tohu, kua whakaaetia ēnei rawa ahurea, raraunga hoki/rānei hei whakamahinga mō te umanga-kore. E taea nei te whakamahi i a ia mō ngā take rangahau, akoako, kauhau, matapaki ā-ipurangi, whārangi ipurangi umanga-kore hoki/rānei. Ko tā tēnei tohu, he āki i te kaiwhakamahi, kia tika te tiaki i te taonga nei me te whai whakaaro ki ngā kaitiaki taketake.

Español / Spanish

BC No Lucrativo (BC NL)

Por qué usar esta etiqueta?

Esta Etiqueta debe utilizarse si se quiere que los usuarios externos que tienen acceso a su información biocultural sepan que sólo se puede utilizar sin fines de lucro. Se le pide a los usuarios que sean respetuosos con la información y que no la utilicen para generar beneficios económicos, o de cualquier otra forma que la convierta en una mercancía para compra y venta.

Texto de ejemplo

La Etiqueta se utiliza para indicar que el material y/o información biocultural ha sido designada para uso no lucrativo. Se permite utilizar el material para propósitos no lucrativos tales como la investigación, el estudio, o presentación pública y/o en blogs o sitios web no comerciales. Esta Etiqueta pide que uno piense y actúe con respeto y responsabilidad hacia esta información y sus custodios originales.

Français / French

BC non commerciale (BC NC)

Raison de l’utilisation de cette étiquette

Cette étiquette devrait être utilisée lorsque vous voulez faire savoir aux utilisateurs externes ayant accès à vos données bioculturelles que celles-ci doivent être utilisées à des fins non commerciales uniquement. Vous demandez aux utilisateurs de respecter vos données et de ne pas les utiliser afin d’en tirer des profits économiques ni de façon à en faire des biens commerciaux.

Modèle de texte

Cette étiquette est utilisée afin d’indiquer que ce matériel ou ces données bioculturelles ont été désignées comme étant disponibles à des fins non commerciales. Il vous est permis d’utiliser ce matériel à des fins non commerciales, notamment dans le cadre d’une recherche, d’une étude, d’une présentation publique, d’un blog ou sur des sites Web non commerciaux.



All the Local Contexts tools work together to support the proper recognition of Indigenous rights and interests in traditional knowledge and biocultural data. Each Local Contexts tool requires collaboration between communities and institutions and/or communities and researchers.  The BC Labels communicate ongoing Indigenous relationships, obligations and responsibilities to information and data as well as expectations for its future circulation. Their implementation encourages researchers and institutions to adopt new practices.


The community customization of the BC Labels is a collaborative process. How long it takes will depend on the scope of the project and how many BC Labels you’d like to develop. The Local Contexts Hub facilitates the process and allows for community vetting and authorizations.


Yes. The BC and TK Labels were designed to be used separately and/or together. 


Yes. Additional resources on Copyright,  Intellectual Property Law, Agreements, Protocols and MOUs can be found at ENRICH. Here you will also find training modules on Collaborative Curation, Cultural Awareness, Indigenous Intellectual and Cultural Property, Indigenous Data Sovereignty, CARE Principles, TK & BC Labels and Notices and Agreement Making.