TK Labels

TK Multiple Communities (TK MC)

Why use this Label?

This Label should be used to indicate that multiple communities have responsibilities of custodianship and/or ownership over specific material. This Label recognizes that no singular community has explicit control. Rather, rights and responsibilities for use are spread across communities through already existing community protocols and ongoing cultural relationships.

Each Label is meant to be customized by a community. See below for a Label template text.

Template Text

Responsibility and ownership over this material is spread across several distinct communities. Use will be dependent upon discussion and negotiation with the multiple communities named herein [insert names]. Decisions about use will need to be decided collectively. As an external user of this material you are asked to recognize and respect cultural protocols in relation to the use of this material and clear your intended use with the relevant communities.

How to use this Label

Communities can select and customize their Labels through the Local Contexts Hub. Learn more about joining the Hub in our Getting Started Guide. A Label Style and Usage Guide is available on our Downloadable Resources.