TK Labels

Listen Example

TK Community Voice (TK CV)

Why Use This Label?

This Label should be used when you would like to encourage community members to share their knowledge, stories and experiences. This Label would usually be used within a community-based archive to encourage the sharing of stories. This Label indicates that the current narrative or explanation that accompanies this material is incomplete or partial and that many community voices are needed to help make sense of and understand the event, photograph, recording or heritage item. The Community Voice Label encourages multiplicity in the telling, listening and sharing of community histories and cultural knowledge.

Each Label is meant to be customized by a community. See below for a Label template text.

TK Label Template Text

This Label is being used to encourage the sharing of stories and voices about this material. The Label indicates that existing knowledge or descriptions are incomplete or partial. Any community member is invited and welcome to contribute to our community knowledge about this event, photograph, recording or heritage item. Sharing our voices helps us reclaim our histories and knowledge. This sharing is an internal process.