TK Labels

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TK Secret / Sacred (TK SS)

Why Use This Label?

This Label should be used when you want to let external users know that the material that is openly circulating contains secret/sacred information and that it has specific conditions of access and use. These conditions potentially include restrictions upon access. Using this Label helps to alert external users that this material is special and requires respectful and careful treatment. It asks users to make different decisions about using it and, importantly, to discuss any potential use with you.

Each Label is meant to be customized by a community. See below for a Label template text.

TK Label Template Text

This Label is being used to indicate that this material is traditionally and usually not publicly available because it contains important secret or sacred components. The Label is correcting a misunderstanding about the significance of this material and therefore its circulation conditions. It is letting users know that because of its secret/sacred status it is not, and was never free, public, or available for everyone at anytime. This Label asks you to think about whether you should be using this material and to respect different cultural values and expectations about circulation and use.