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TK Seasonal (TK S)

Why Use This Label?

This Label should be used when you want to let external users know that the material that is openly circulating has seasonal conditions of access and use. This could mean that some material should only be used and heard at particular times of the year. It could also mean that the environment and land where this material derives also influences and impacts its meaning and significance. This Label can be used to help external users know that there are land-based teachings in this material which affect proper use and respectful understanding.

Each Label is meant to be customized by a community. See below for a Label template text.

TK Label Template Text

This Label is being used to indicate that this material traditionally and usually is heard and/or utilized at a particular time of year and in response to specific seasonal changes and conditions. For instance, many important ceremonies are held at very specific times of the year. This Label is being used to indicate sophisticated relationships between land and knowledge creation. It is also being used to highlight the relationships between recorded material and the specific contexts where it derives, especially the interconnected and embodied teachings that it conveys.