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TK Men Restricted (TK MR)

Why Use This Label?

This Label should be used when you want to let external users know that the material circulating freely is actually of a highly restricted nature. This is a Men’s Highly Restricted Label and indicates that there are restrictions of access and use based on customary law. This Label can be used to help external users recognize that with this material there are very specific protocols and conditions of use. This Label is designed to recognize that some knowledge is gendered, and that certain knowledge expressions can only be shared among specific members of the community. Only authorized [and/or initiated] men within the community should be using this material.

Each Label is meant to be customized by a community. See below for a Label template text.

TK Label Template Text

This material has specific gender restrictions on access. It is regarded as important secret and/or ceremonial material that has community-based laws in relation to who can access it. Given its nature it is only to be accessed and used by authorized [and/or initiated] men in the community. If you are an external third party user and you have accessed this material, you are requested to not download, copy, remix or otherwise circulate this material to others. This material is not freely available within the community and it therefore should not be considered freely available outside of the community. This Label asks you to think about whether you should be using this material and to respect different cultural values and expectations about circulation and use.